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In business and entertainment, there are descriptors and identifiers that have been used so much, the words have lost their value. In the case of Ashaunna Ayars, founder of The Ayars Agency, she may be frequently spotted working and moving among Hollywood luminaries now, but she maintains her Queens, NY realness. No hype allowed. So, when you hear her described in bold terms, know that her story backs it up:

She’s a true multi-hyphenate: A talent

manager/content creator and live

entertainment producer/brand marketer with

a proven track record plus partner and client

lists that include Mary J. Blige,

Common and Essence Festival.

She’s a born and bred hustler, who rose from an eager Atlantic Records intern at 19, to an SVP at Def Jam, then at Warner Music, by the age of 30. She then left her SVP position in the middle of a turbulent business climate, moved across the country, and launched a successful full-service agency that services Grammy and Oscar-winning talent and legacy brands by 40.
She’s a connector bar none. Ashaunna has worked closely and maintained relationships with foundational executives and transformative talent over the years including Wu Tang Clan, Swizz Beats, Jay-Z, Janet Jackson, Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds, Jeezy, Ne-Yo, Jill Scott and Jason Derulo.
She remains a trusted voice and effective advisor for labels and brands alike.

She’s a results-driven strategist, continuously working on projects across various sectors of music, film, and television, live entertainment and touring, and brand partnerships which over her career have included work with Macy’s Coca-Cola, Cover Girl, Target, Wal Mart, Best Buy, Beats Music, HSN, and Starbucks.

Most importantly, Ashaunna is unlimited. While grounded by her family and faith, she’s emboldened by her dreams, and impervious to fear. “Move fast and break things” is a tech entrepreneur’s mantra, but “move fast and create things” has always been the unofficial mantra of hip-hop – the culture in which Ayars was raised and shaped.

Now, with careers worth of experience, having seen the landscape and culture shift and take new shape multiple times, Ashaunna is looking towards the future. The Ayars Agency expands and adds value to clients’ careers through legacy-shaping marketing, branding and partnerships. In the example of Mary J. Blige, almost 30 years into her career she remains as visible and relevant as ever.

In 2019, TAA crafted a sold-out, limited run to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Blige’s seminal album My Life,

in addition to a recently announced MAC partnership, plus a multi-million dollar deal with AMAZON for her

“My Life” documentary – to which Ayars is attached as Executive producer alongside Sean “Diddy” Combs.

The shop continues to create and produce key experiences that highlight culture and offer points of connection, like a Common’s A Toast to the Arts, a celebration of the creators and cast behind the year’s most outstanding narratives, which over the last 5 years has become a premier awards season event. And 2019’s inaugural Essence + New Voices Entrepreneur Summit and Target Holiday Market, a weekend of immersive experiences and activations to elevate, educate and empower Black female entrepreneurs.

The Ayars Agency has also moved into the content creation space, fostering opportunities for more Black stories from Black creators to come to life. Personally, Ayars is using her career experience and knowledge as part of the advisory board for the newly formed Black Music Action Coalition, a group of artists, producers, songwriters, managers, business managers, attorneys and other industry professionals formed to combat long-standing systems of racism and disparity within the music industry.

Forward-thinking, adaptive, strategic, intentional… Ashaunna Ayars is more than descriptors. She is tangible results.